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I definitely have more clever verses but this is lowkey one of my favorites for what it is. Click on the cover art and you'll be taken to the song. 

I'm not sure how soon I'll drop new music but it will come.


(Verse 1)

Sometimes I wonder
Sometimes I wonder
Sometimes I wonder where my city's at
Sometimes I wonder if my city's gonna get attacked

Is forty hours a week worth the money they pay
Sometimes I wonder if it's worth raising minimum wage
Cause when has greed ever produced a change
But at the same time there's people dying eating fast food everyday
When are these systematic problems gonna get solved
Does it matter to them at all or should I get involved
Cause whenever I turn to the news
It's politicians trying to manipulate the truth so what's new
I be hearing conversations of people in power making operations
Trying to divide our nation in two
No compensation for me and my crew
Cause all we get is a political zoo
There's something I should do

But then someone I love gets ill
And I gotta make sure it doesn't take their will
They tell me they only feel good when they take pills
It's either "I do this or I don't pay my bills"
And then I look at them without any words
Cause how they gon' keep going when they can't feel their words
Sometimes you gotta give up something you love to focus on yourself
Sometimes just out of survival you have to risk yourself
I try to keep my mind on problems in the world
But at the same time I'm having problems with my girl
I try to fix it and tell her my love for her is thorough
Which makes me forget about all the issues in my borough
And in the back of my mind I know my assignments are due
Whenever I work on my music I'm thinking bout' school
And when I sit in class I come up with a view
Of being able to handle these problems cause it's overdue

Erick Sanchez