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The universe is yours to try to recreate. 

Lately I've been at a standoff with where I should actually put time into. I just delve into numerous forms of art at times that I lose track of what I want to do or pursue. So I often find myself dividing time into various projects instead of devoting time to only one and trying to create a solid body of work. I'm still not sure what I want to follow or what I'm meant to do. It might be the music, the photography, the writing, or who knows what else I could get thrown into. But I for sure know that I cannot see myself in an office environment for a long time. It's just not for me at the moment. It probably never will be. 

I'm sure there'll be some sort of sign or something that will guide me into the form of creative work that is right for me. I would hope it's a mixture of all the things I enjoy doing and making but as of now I haven't been able to find that balance. Which has led to some subpar work. 

These mediums allow me to characterize myself and my life through the things I create, sometimes more than I should. I've been more cautious though, about the content I'll put out into the world because I don't want to share too much of my personal matters anymore. 

And before I would really pressure myself to forcefully come up with something. I would actually drive myself insane with that. It took a while to become understanding of just letting inspiration come when it hits. It's not something you can force cause some days I can't create anything. So it's cool to chill for a bit and take your mind of your work, or your job, or school or anything. It's okay to let the mind breathe. Your work is not measured by the amount of recognition it gets because I can tell you there are many below average artists with "clout". (I hate that word). 

A career might just be a myth though because I think we naturally try to find new things to do and venture into, or at least something that distracts us from what we've been doing for what may seem like an eternity. I'm not sure there's just one thing that I can say I want to do the rest of my life. I would love to try new things like acting or being a food critic someday. But that's for later in life because I'm sure I'd be trash at those things. 

For now I'll try to find my medium and evolve that. It does seem like joyous times are coming soon. 

Whatever space the universe puts me in, I'll react off that. 

But I'll always be writing and singing.

And dancing if the mood is right.


Erick Sanchez