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If you don't know me, the best way to learn about me is through my music, through words. My whole life is there basically. With that being said, it's been months and I'm still very disappointed with my last project. For the most part because I rushed it. At the time I just felt the need to get anything out, and in doing so I didn't deliver the best quality of music that I know I can make. I wanted to release a doc for that project too but there was `just no time. During the time I was working on it I had finals and what not so I stressed myself out way too much. I didn't put in the same amount of work into "Two Faced" as I did into "Disguised", and in return I feel like I didn't get as much praise for the second project. Which kind of brings me to this concept of the reciprocity of life. It's basically karma. If you put in hard work into something you love, you will see good results. If you bring positive energy, it'll eventually flow around back to you. You just have to keep a positive mindset on life no matter what you're going through. As for my next project, it pretty much sums up what I've been going through this year. It definitely hasn't been the easiest of times, but that's what inspires artists. Their best work comes in their worst moments. The documentary that my friend and I are shooting for this project tackles the state I've been in throughout this year, and I address mental health and the problems I've been having. As we get closer to the release of the project and doc I'll get more into detail.

As to the point of these entries, I've been wanting to do this for some time now. If I can push my craft and share my stories through this, then I'm all for it. Writing has always been an escape for me. And I've always felt like I've been able to help people. That's been the main purpose of my music. But because of lack of time I'm not always able to release music, so I figured I can do it through these entries. 

Life is never going to be easy, but problems resolve, and it can get better. Just stay positive and hopeful my friend.

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